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Social Media Marketing Leicester | Uplift Digital

Social media marketing focused on results

Here at Uplift we focus our social media campaigns on one thing: Return On Investment.

Getting social media right can bring great benefits to your business – but it needs to be well planned and monitored effectively.

We don’t just aim to get you as many ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers’ as possible, our campaigns are designed to build an engaged community around your brand which leads to more traffic and, most importantly, more customers.

How do we do social

We work with our clients across all major social networks – from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

The first thing we do is to identify what social networks will be most effective for your market. It would be a waste of your budget, and our time, to focus our social activity on platforms that are not relevant to your business.

Our social campaigns focus on both ‘paid’ and ‘organic’ social network activity…

Paid social

As the name would suggest, this refers to buying adverts on social networks.

We currently run paid social campaigns for our clients across both Facebook and Twitter.

Our paid social campaigns have a variety of different objectives – some ads we run are purely to attract more visits to a clients website, while some are based on building more followers on Facebook or Twitter.

The beauty of social ads is that they can be targeted to any demographic you like, so if you have a piece of content or a product suited to women aged 25-30 who are married and work part-time – then you can target them directly on Facebook.

Social ads also tend to be a lot cheaper than Google Ads – although they also tend to have lower click-through and conversion rates, so it’s is imperative to make sure they are targeted effectively.

Organic social

Like organic search, this refers to the ‘free’ interactions you get on social networks – rather than from paid ads.

Our organic social campaigns are based on adding great content on a regular basis for your audience to interact with, as well as developing ongoing relationships with your customers and prospective customers.

This is done by posting updates across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest et al that link back to your site (e.g. your blog posts or resources) but also by creating great unique content relevant to your business that works well on social media (e.g. photos, games, polls, quizzes etc…)

The key with organic social campaigns is to give your audience a reason to follow you, and then to give them continuous reasons to interact with your brand.