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SEO services to help your business grow

Here at Uplift, we work on the basis that every business is different and therefore requires it's own tailored SEO campaign.

This means no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to SEO - we will work closely with you and your team to plan and execute an SEO strategy that helps meet your individual needs and business objectives.

There are many different aspects of SEO, and not all of them work for every site. Some markets have very different levels of competition which need to be factored into an effective SEO campaign.

Also, some of our clients have their own in-house team that we can work with on implementing our SEO strategies, whereas others do not and we are more hands-on with the day-to-day running of the campaign.

Those are just two examples of why our clients require a more bespoke and tailored SEO solution to help them achieve their goals. There's also the question of budgets as well as the impact of any previous SEO campaigns you have run on your website - e.g. have you been penalised by Google?

All businesses are different and have their own individual objectives - so we work hard to provide your business with what it deserves: an effective, tailored SEO campaign that meets your businesses objectives.

How we do SEO

There are many different aspects of a successful SEO campaign, and depending on the current position of your site, your SEO budget and your business objectives, your campaign will include all or some of the following disciplines:

Technical SEO

This covers everything from setting up your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools/Search Console accounts correctly, to building optimised XML Sitemaps, adding Structured Data/Schema tags to your website, improving the Page Load speed of your website, making sure the site is 'mobile friendly' and addressing any current flaws with your site architecture that could be hindering its potential to rank and attract organic search traffic.

We will work closely with your current web developers - whether they are in-house or an outside agency - with the aim to make your website fully 'SEO compliant' within the first 2 months of your SEO campaign

On-page SEO

As the name suggests, this element of SEO deals with everything that is hosted on your website. This mainly covers the content on your site, which we split into two very distinct areas: sales content and supporting content.

Your 'sales content' is typically the content on the home page and your service/product pages - which we fully optimise for target keyphrases so they act as landing pages for high-traffic, high-converting terms. This is done by optimising things like the page title tag, meta description tag, H1 header tag etc... but also extends to writing high-quality content on the page that fulfils the two main objectives of being 'SEO friendly' and encouraging your visitors to convert.

We also create a 'supporting content' plan to target more of the 'long-tail' phrases associated with your business. This content is published on your site in a variety of different formats, including blog posts, FAQs, resources, guides etc...

We call it 'supporting content' as having this content on your site not only attracts 'long tail' traffic in its own right, it also helps your 'sales content' to rank well as search engines recognise that your site is a good source of information within your industry.

Off-page SEO

This covers everything that happens away from your site that can influence your rankings in search engines.

Link earning forms the majority of the off-page SEO work we will do - which involves making your website and the content on it 'link-worthy' to influencers and other websites in your industry.

All of the link earning work we carry out is 100% 'natural' and doesn't violate Google's guidelines. We look to foster relationships with other webmasters in your industry and create great content that they want to link to.

We will never pay for links, or take part in any kind of link scheme that could damage the reputation of your business and lead to a Google penalty.