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Uplift was founded by Luke Glassford, who has seven years (and counting!) of experience in the world of online marketing.

This is what Luke looks like (in classy black and white!):
Luke Glassford
Get in touch with Luke below:
Twitter: @lukeglassford
Google+: +LukeGlassford

Based in the heart of Leicester, Uplift provides effective Search Engine Optimisation campaigns for a range of different UK businesses - from ecommerce sites to lead-generation and local businesses, we are currently helping them attract more targeted traffic to their sites and increasing their conversions.

Our approach to SEO is simple, and is summed up in this blog post: The ONE Question You Have To Answer Before Starting An SEO Campaign

In short, our SEO campaigns focus on what your particular business does best - whatever that may be - and builds on it.

You can see more about how we do SEO on our SEO Services and Local SEO pages.

There's more to Uplift than SEO...

As well as SEO, we also provide effective Social Media campaigns here at Uplift - which includes both 'organic' Social marketing (growing audiences across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc...) and 'paid' Social marketing (particularly Facebook and Twitter ads).

All of our Social campaigns are planned and executed with your Return On Investment in mind. There's no point spending time (and money) on building audiences and earning 'Likes' and 'Shares' if it doesn't result in more traffic and sales for your business. So we base all Social marketing activity on making sure it ultimately contributes to your bottom line.

On top of all that, we have also built our very own Email Marketing platform which can broadcast emails to your subscribers for just £0.10 per thousand!

We can design and build your email template, build a new targeted landing page on your site and broadcast your email. We can also help with strategies to build your list of 'opt-in' subscribers.

How we work...

Here at Uplift we work with our clients on a very flexible basis. Unlike most other digital marketing agencies who insist on set contracts and levels of work each month, we do things a little differently.

All of our campaigns are run on a 'rolling' basis from month to month, which puts our clients fully in control of how much work we do - and therefore how much we get paid - each month.

This can help if you are working with a tight budget, but it also means that if you need to increase the amount of work you need us to do (e.g. if a busy sales period is coming up), then we can easily adapt to your needs.