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Link building for photographer websites

Simple link building idea for photographer websites

I’ve never directly worked on a link building campaign in the photography niche, but I have a friend who started a wedding photography business* recently and I’ve been thinking of some creative ideas to build links to a photography site.

There’s one idea that I think has the magic combination of being both extremely simple and highly effective, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Quick note: I’m not sure if this tactic is already widely used, but I’ve never come across it and after a fairly extensive session on Google I couldn’t find anyone else talking about it – so I’m claiming it as completely unique!

If you already use this kind of tactic though just let me know in the comments and I’ll credit you in this post…

The objective

A lot of professional photographers operate in a specific area of the country, so local SEO is the order of the day (if you want a good starter on Local SEO than I’d recommend the Moz Local Learning Center).

A big part of ranking for location-based keywords ( e.g. [photographer in manchester], [wedding photographer south west] etc…) is to build links from authoritative sites that are highly relevant for your location.

Which is where this technique comes in very handy….

How to build links from local sites

My favourite approach to link building is to offer something of value to other webmasters . Unsurprisingly, I find that creating a win/win situation results in a much higher conversion rate on my outreach efforts.

To do this though, you need something of value to offer webmasters. Luckily for photographers they have already have something very valuable to offer: high quality, unique photographs.

So, how do you turn your library of photographs into high quality links?

First of all, let’s find a target site…

Uplift is based in the great city of Leicester, so let’s find a site that is highly relevant for Leicester:


Simply searching for [leicester] gets me my first target site: – an informational site about Leicester which has some fairly tasty link metrics:

Visit Leicester

It’s not ‘blow your socks off’ brilliant, but for a very local-specific site it’s pretty decent – and if you want to rank for anything Leicester-based a link from here will help out a lot.

The next step is to simply find a page on the site that could be improved with a better picture. A lot of sites like this won’t have access to a great library of images and may have to rely on publicly available images or even stock photos.

After about five minutes of clicking I found this page about Leicester’s Cultural Quarter:

Cultural Quarter Leicester

Now I’m sure you’d agree that this page could be improved with either a new panoramic image at the top, or maybe one or two other images of the Cultural Quarter from different angles.

If you are a photographer in Leicester then you’ve probably already got some great pictures of the Cultural Quarter on a hard drive somewhere. If not, just get down there next time you get a chance and take some professional class images with this page in mind.

When you’ve got some great images it’s time to get outreaching – so get hold of the webmasters email address and offer them your photo’s in return for a link, either on the specific page or on any Links/Partners page the site may have.

Told you this tactic was simple!

Just about every major city in the UK has fairly authoritative informational sites like VisitLeicester – and most would love to be able to include some professional class photography on their sites.

As with all outreach techniques, it will be a bit of a numbers game – but by offering something of value you will find you get a lot of responses from webmasters.

If you need any help or further advice about this tactic and how to carry out the outreach, please feel free to get in touch with us:

Get in touch with Uplift today


* If you happen to be looking for a good wedding photographer then check out my friend Mark 🙂

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  • I think you are spot on that images provide photographers with a fantastic link building asset. I recently created a slideshow of images from one of my weddings which focussed on the flowers. I shared this with the florist to generate social links as well as a traditional link from their site.


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